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“Robyn is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, reliable and goes above and beyond in every aspect of her work. Robyn has great vision and takes the time to understand her client's culture, views, tastes, objectives and financial budget constraints. Robyn will always bring a project in on time and on budget without compromising the integrity of the intended design. Robyn takes the time to explain the full process (design, permiting, city mandates, buildout, etc). She partners with the GC to ensure that everything runs seamlessly and keeps the client fully informed. Given the opportunity, I would not hesitate to hire Robyn for future projects.” 

Brenda Cole, Vice President, Corporate Real Estate, DraftFCB Advertising March 24, 2009


"My former employer does not permit recommendations, so this is a personal recommendation. While I was Business Management Vice President at MSC Software Corporation, Robyn Taylor was retained as the Corporate Headquarters architect. Her designs of the corporate headquarters interior spaces were excellent. They met the requirements of a single tenant. As the company changed, Robyn provided design changes to meet the requirements of requested space changes, some for remote facilities. I found Robyn to be very responsive to company space design change requests and very knowledgeable about local building permit requirements. She provided valuable advice on many options that met the company requirements and the permitting process. I recommend Robyn as an excellent architect that is responsive to business requirements.”

Hal Mattson, Vice President, Business Management, MSC Software  November 13, 2009


“Robyn Taylor is the most talented designer I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve been around them for six decades. She has an intuitive grasp of exactly what you meant to say, but didn’t. She has a wickedly inventive streak, which results in unexpected but immensely satisfying solutions to nasty problems. When she designed our ad agency, she worked with a dismal budget, three stubborn clients who thought they knew everything, and a terribly odd space. The finished agency won awards, added to our new business efforts, and made employees want to come to work in the mornings (and the evenings and the weekends). As a consultant, she added new perspectives to staid business discussions, and helped our clients create new ideas far above their abilities without her. She is, of course, an enormously dedicated, intelligent and talented person. But most of all, she is fun and funny. I wish I had an unending stream of projects so I would get to work with her all the time.

Lynda Lawrence, Principal, Ideaworks Consulting (Formerly Owner of Lawrence & Mayo Advertising) March 31, 2009

“As a strategic vendor partner, I have worked with Robyn on numerous diverse projects. Robyn's ability to clearly communicate the client's vision to vendor partners, results in a deliverable that exceed's the client's expectations. In several meetings together with the client, I understand why Robyn relates so well and can transform their project goals into reality, she listens!”

Justin Enderton, Owner, Corporate Business Interiors, March 25, 2009


"Not only is Robyn the best of the best in her field, but she is an absolute pleasure to work with. 5 stars!” 

Paul Root, Owner, Madison Street Partners, Commercial Real Estate, March, 2009

“I have worked with Robyn on multiple projects and she is a very talented and hard working professional. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled interior designer”. 

Brian Airth, Principal, IOS, March 24, 2009


"Robyn is an extremely talented designer who has an innate ability to develop design solutions that exceed her client's expectations. She is an outstanding mentor to younger staff, and is a recognized leader within her profession. She will be an asset to any high-quality design organization.”

David Fridlund, Senior Associate, Gensler  June 24, 2009


“Robyn's creativity and passion for design is remarkable....she also enjoys exceptional relationships with her clients and really commits to the success of every one of her projects!” 

Sandi Warneke, Principal, Gensler, April 30, 2009


“Robyn and I worked together on many projects at Gensler. She is an excellent designer and is great at winning over the client's confidence. She brings fresh ideas to each project and her designs reflect directly on the client's goals for the project.”

Chip WIlliams, Principal, Gensler, April 30, 2009


“Robyn is an extremely talented and creative designer. One of the best times I remember was working with her on the NeoBrands project - not often you can use chain link and barbed wire to surround the accounting department!”

Dennis Potts, Senior Associate, Gensler April 3, 2009 (Now Owner of DPPM Project Management)


“When IIDA southern California puts on an event, like the annual prestigious Calibre Awards, they do it with style, grace, sophistication and more importantly they do it with the leadership of Robyn Taylor. Always approachable, always in-the-know, always courteous! Thanks for all your help and guidance!!!”

Joseph Ferrugio, Sr. Interior Architecture Student, Woodbury University, April 1, 2010 





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